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Attended and online Mastering, master DDP and all files for digital delivery included . Using the best analog (transistors and tube ) technologies as well as the latest digital solutions, we’re able to create professional releases at competitive prices.


Vinyl is cool, but the mastering requires special care to be translated well in this analog domain,regardless it’s for your rock/metal record or your EDM record to be played in the club.


Stem mastering (groups) available with a custom passive sum mixer, used with some great preamps like Chandler, Neve, API, Sutera, so to get different colors and vibe for your master. This type of mastering is effective when the mix has left some issues to be dealt with or doubts about balances.


PriStudio has a strong reputation for mixing Rock, Hard Rock & Heavy Metal but this is only one side of the story, since many Pop, Indie and even Rap artists uses our studio for their works.


With proprietary tecniques of reamping and editing we can improve your recordings so to get professional results. One of the most important aspects of a mix, is to let every single song shine of it’s own light, while at the same time giving the whole record a sound that is connected through the tracks. Every record we mix sound different, ‘cause every record IS different! We work together with the artist/band trying to get the idea/concept of sound, than we let the songs do the rest!

A record must represent the artist,, not the mixing engineer!



Inside the PriStudio is possible to record every kind of instruments thanks to the bigger live room A and the smaller room B. With the use of two extra amp booth is possible to do live recordings with no spillover. The studio is equipped with a large array of microphones, preamps and outboard to garantee professional results. With more than 30 years of experience and hundreds of records, we like to works in a professional but relaxed environment where the musicians and singers can fully express their potential..


It’s possible to realize custom profiles for your Kemper, bing your own setup or use our collection of amps to make your sound and capture it for your Kemper, to be used live or in your own home studio.




Here’s a list of services we offer, with the help of some of the finest teachers, musician and arrangers


Some great producers specialized in Rock, Metal, Pop and even EDM can help you in the process of making your record just about right! Just bring your ideas and have a team of professionals help you realize your dream. He have a wide net of contacts in the music business and we can help you to be heard with a proper recording, not just a homemade demo


Lately, more and more guitarists and bass players record their parts at home, so to keep down the production costs, often by playing in their laptop with some plugins. This is ok, but only if you can later on use those files to be “reamped” in a real studio, with real amps and professional studio setup. We can assist you through this process, a very useful trick to lower production costs without losing quality.



When properly done, Editing and tuning can help to give a good performance a nice, polished sound. We can’t (and won’t) make anyone sing and play, but we can surely halp you to reach an optimal level of consistecy and tune, without sounding fake and artificial (unless is what you’re looking for). Only a very good trained ear can work in those specific areas of editing respecting the natural sound of scales, bluesy passages and ghost notes.



In-site consults for your studio setup, software and hardware. Monitor setup, hardware configuration and wiring of your home studio. Group and private studio lessons with recording editing and mix advices